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Get This Life Changing Book TODAY!

Does prayer really change things? Lifeguard: The Making of A Prayer Warrior answers that question in detail. Norchell Evans shares her journey to the fulfillment of purpose and promise....a life and calling created in prayer. She shares the depths of her personal and ministry life that was once ruled by the spirit of fear and harassment from the kingdom of darkness. Lifeguard: The Making of A Prayer Warrior puts the power of prayer on display. It will ignite your passion to pray, but also teach you the principles of an effective prayer life. We are in an hour where prayer must become a priority...lives depend on it. Prayer saved her life and it will save yours too!

A Peek Inside of LIFEGUARD
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" Let me just say, that I read the book in its entirety in one sitting. This is more than a good read , it’s a must read for those that want to go deeper in prayer and intercession. One thing that really struck me was her transparency and willingness to be vulnerable to help others, everything we go through as believers is never just about us, it’s about others, it’s the kingdom way…remember Jesus, He went through for us! In this book the testimonies are real and she reveals how to overcome. If you desire to be victorious in prayer and life in general, this is a must read!"

"If you haven’t purchased your book, I beg of you to please do so!!! It is a benefit and such a great investment just for YOU! Our Prophetic Intercessor Norchell Evans wrote this book from her heart and soul, and surely to display the anointing and her chase for God. I can honestly say that Life Guard in the beginning relatable and some familiarity in some aspects of my own life. It answered some of my questions that I had as a teenage girl. It showed me that I wasn’t the only one! It reassured me that God shows up, shows out & that prayer definitely changes things. Get your book today! This book will definitely bless you and sooth to your mind, heart, and soul."

"Thank you for the book, I received it last night when I got home. Read the book cover to cover and could not keep it down. The book was right in season. Throughout the book, I found myself in it and the challenges I faced throughout my ministry. Though I still face challenges of feeling inadequate and unworthy especially when God uses me tremendously and people of God receive, I'm left fighting within. Thank you for the book, I will keep fighting and do it even harder for I believe God has a divine purpose for my life. Keep me in your prayers."

"My GOD!!!!!!!! Looking at you Woman of God, I SLAUTE YOU, HONOR YOU and give you the up most RESPECT!!! My God this book!!! My God, My God is soooooo very touching!!! And who would have ever thought by looking at you as the POWER HOUSE  you are, would have went through all this HELL! My God you are a walking testimony. I’m speechless because a LIFE GUARD, YOU ARE!!! Wow!!!! Wow!!!! I don’t know what else to say but keeping WALKING IN IT! JESUS!! This book is going to teach millions and are going to save a lot of us women from drowning! My GOD! I’m just on page 38 and chills are all over me!!! Jesus!!!! You are the TRUTH! I thank God for connecting me with a true woman of God such as yourself and I won't ever ever take my relationship with you lightly!!! Whew Jesus!!! I needed this book!!!"

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