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Women Uncensored With God Women's Retreat Is Taking Place May 31st-June1st

Ladies, get ready to embark on a transformative journey at our upcoming retreat hosted by the dynamic women of God – Prophetic Intercessor Norchell Evans, Prophetess Meretta Nichols, Lady Tammy Bell, Prophetess Roise Gatlin, & Minister Zenobia Jackson! Join us for a weekend of connection, empowerment, and uncensored conversations with God.

Women Uncensored With God Women Retreat Registration Is $50 per person!

We have some additional items available for purchase as well to make this retreat even more the better.

Women Uncensored With God T-Shirts are available for an additional $25. Meal Tickets are $13

If You Would Like To Attend The Amazing Retreat, Please Register Below

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